Antiviral Essential Oils
for Family Health

These antiviral essential oils are a smart and safe way to care for your family’s health, including babies and children. They contain powerful anti-infectious properties, relieve pain, strengthen your immune system, and can reduce anxiety and stress. These oils contain many life enhancing benefits.

Time and again, our family has experienced the amazing benefits of these protecting and healing essential oils. We use them for colds, flu, respiratory infections, etc. There are antiviral essential oils and antiviral essential oil blends that target herpes, Epstein Barr, bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections, and more.

It is almost impossible to avoid being exposed to infectious disease. Work, school, or just going to the grocery store exposes you and your family to infectious microbes. Unfortunately it is too easy to bring these pathogens home. That is why it is important to keep your family’s immune system as strong as possible. The good news is that the antiviral essential oils kill viruses and strengthen all of your body’s defenses, including your immune and respiratory system.

Viruses have an innate intelligence that allows them to evolve and mutate. They change their genetic material to become resistant to pharmaceutical drugs and they can jump from species to species, bird to human, etc. Scientists claim that viruses are not alive, but I wonder...

Viruses are parasites. They lie dormant until they find a living “host cell” to latch onto (hopefully not one of yours or mine). Once inside the cell, they take it hostage and force it to make millions of copies of it. This is called viral replication. This is how viruses reproduce; they force the host cell to make copies of themselves…sometimes millions of copies within a few short minutes! Then they are released to infect more cells and start the replication process over again. Unfortunately, when the virus is released, it usually kills the cell it took hostage.

See Video: Flu Attack! How a virus enters your body: NPR

Now let me share with you something amazing. Using essential oils interferes with the ability of viruses to reproduce or replicate. Essential oils can strengthen your cell’s walls so that they resist penetration of viruses. This means that essential oils have the ability to stop viruses from spreading! When you apply an essential oil anywhere on your body it will travel into each and every cell within 21 minutes, bringing life enhancing oxygen and nutrients. This is powerful information for the health and wellness of your family.

If you use antiviral essential oils, before exposure to viruses, you will have the greatest protection. Purifying the air with an essential oil diffuser, applying the oils topically on your body, or taking them as a food supplement, lessens your chance of infection. This is what we do, during the cold and flu season, for protection and when someone has been exposed to germs. This is the same protocol we use when someone in our family becomes ill, though more intensely.

At the very first sign of infection I suggest using the oils more aggressively, meaning repeated applications. Because viruses multiply so rapidly you need to act smart and fast to knock them out and gain the advantage as quickly as possible. I apply oils every 20 -30 minutes for the first few hours and “as needed” after that. Studies show that the use of antiviral essential oils can dramatically shorten the duration of an illness. Our whole family can testify to that.

Many antiviral essential oils and essential oil blends are safe for children. We apply the oils as protection and if they catch something. The dose is usually ½-1/3 of adults. Always dilute the oil with vegetable or carrier oil.

Please read "Essential Oil Safety"

Hyssop- Is a very potent broad spectrum antiviral essential oil, excellent for infection of lower lungs.

Melissa Officinalis ( also known as lemon balm)- Is one of the most powerful of the antiviral essential oils, boosts the immune system and interferes with viral replication. It is used for throat and respiratory infections, fevers, dysentery, cold sore blisters, herpes, and Epstein Barr. It has been reported to completely eradicate the herpes virus.

Eucalyptus Radiata-Is a potent antiviral essential oil that stimulates the immune system. Excellent for colds, flu, infections of the respiratory system, including bronchial infections and pneumonia.

Ravensara aromatica- Anti-infectious and antiviral. Excellent for viral infections of the respiratory system. Good for bronchitis, pneumonia, rhinopharyngitis, sinusitus, herpes, infectious mononucleosis, shingles, and viral hepatitis.

Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon- These are broad spectrum antiviral essential oils. These oils contain Phenols and should be used cautiously, only at the onset of treatment, and only for a short period of time. They are used for flu and acute and chronic infections of the respiratory tract.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)- Contains potent antiviral constituents. Complements other antiviral essential oils and helps to create a broader antiviral synergy. Good to use in antiviral blends to help protect against secondary infections. This is an excellent oil for babies and children because it is gentle. It is not my first choice as an antiviral but as an antibacterial. When mixed with Lavender oil it is calming and mildly pain relieving. Diffusing melaleuca and lavender together can help with respiratory wheezing.

Lemon(Citrus limon)- Is a very powerful antiviral and antibacterial oil. It improves immune function and promotes white blood cell formation. This oil has been shown to inactivate tuberculosis bacteria. It is good for respiratory and throat infections. I like to diffuse lemon oil with the thieves oil blend or lavender.

Mountain Savory (Satureja Montana)-Strongly anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, stimulates the adrenal gland and the immune system. Research suggests that this oil may have anti-HIV activity. Good for cuts, burns and abscesses. Diffuse and apply topically.


RC- This antiviral essential oil blend is excellent for colds and congestion, this blend works very well when diffused to cut congestion and runny nose, especially at night during sleep. This is our favorite for colds. I use this blend on our children. I rub it on the vita flex points of the feet- lungs, bronchial, ears, etc.

Thieves Antiviral Essential Oil Blend- This blend is an excellent broad spectrum antiviral. When diffused it kills airborne germs. This is our favorite for influenza. Its warming qualities help bring relief from aches and pains and it has definitely shortened the duration of illness in our family. We dilute this blend and use it on our children. I rub it on the vita flex points, along the spine, the lower back and behind the ears. It can be applied topically, diffused and taken internally (adults only).

Raven- This oil blend gives the body strength in fighting respiratory infections. It is good for pneumonia, tuberculosis, flu, herpes, infectious mononucleosis, and rhinopharyngitis.

Abundance- This is a powerful antiviral essential oil blend that boosts the body defenses.

Exodus ll- This blend is immune stimulating and antiviral. This formula was given to Moses as protection against the plague. This blend supports the respiratory system, stimulates the hypothalamus, is a powerful oxygenator and immune stimulant. Good for flu. Diffuse or apply topically. Dilution is required because of its high concentration of phenols.

A word of caution: Using antiviral essential oils for your family's health offers many benefits. Clinical studies and research have shown their ability to kill viruses. But viruses can multiply quickly and become overwhelming within a few short hours and infections can quickly go beyond the scope of home health care. Please use common sense and contact your health care professional for advice.


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