Benefits of Becoming a Young Living Member

By joining Young Living as a retail customer or a wholesale member, not only will you have access to the most authentic and pure essential oils in the truly have the opportunity for a healthier and happier lifestyle, for yourself and your family.

There are many benefits available to you by signing up as a wholesale member that are not available as a retail customer. It totally depends on the option that fits your needs.

Please keep in mind that as a wholesale member you are never obligated to sell products and there are no monthly purchase requirements. You simply receive products at wholesale prices, a 24% discount.

Wholesale Member

Retail Customer

  • Save 24% on every purchase
  • Earn free products through monthly promotions
  • No obligations or requirements to sell products ever
  • No monthly obligations or monthly membership fees.
  • Opportunity for additional savings and free products if you join Essential Rewards (optional)
  • Opportunity to earn commissions by sharing Young Living (optional)
  • Pay retail price for Products
  • Not required to purchase a starter kit
  • Products shipped directly to you
  • Not eligible to take advantage of the Essential Rewards Program
  • Not eligible to take advantage of Compensation Plan
  • Can always sign up as a wholesale member

If you are interested in wholesale membership and the benefits please read on.

Attention mobile device users

If you want to sign up as a retail customer or wholesale member from your mobile device (phone or tablet) please sign up by calling this number 1-(800)-371-3515. Young Living will quickly assist you.

If you want to sign up as a retail customer or wholesale member from a desk or laptop computer please click here to sign up.

I do want to say that there is a very real and solid opportunity as a wholesale member for you to earn extra money with Young Living. It is an option that you can choose to exercise at anytime.

Many of us are doing it and finding success, just by sharing naturally, with our friends and family.  Simply by sharing what we love about these oils.

Why a Young Living Business?

A lot of people are looking for natural ways to support their health. They want the best for themselves and their families. More than ever, people are open to learning about and using essential oils.

Many people are looking for ways to supplement their income. They are tired living from paycheck to paycheck, they want to be home with their children, pay off student loans, or even retire with no worries. Whatever their reason, people are looking for ways. This is truly a great work from home business.

This is our vision and who we are: Wellness, Purpose and Abundance

Young Living has a very generous compensation plan and people from all walks of life are earning extra money, even financial freedom and independence.

In fact because of this high success rate Young Living was featured in Success from Home Magazine.

If you decide you would like more than just receiving your products wholesale and want to build this as business, let me know, send me an e-mail.  As a team you will have our help and support to guide you to success, along with the strong support of Young Living

How to become a wholesale member

To become a wholesale member all you need is a Starter Kit. There are many kits to choose from, depending on what fits your needs.

They are all excellent kits but the Premium Starter Kit offers the highest value for your money. This kit includes Eleven Essential Oils plus an Essential Oil Diffuser (and a lot more). This is to help you easily become acquainted and comfortable in using the most popular and essential oils. It is a highly versatile kit with many uses for you, your family, and in your home. It is a great kit to get started with.

If using a mobile device or tablet please call 1- (800) -371-3515 to sign up and Young Living will quickly guide you through the process.

If you would like to sign up and you are using a desk or laptop computer please click here.

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