Buy Essential Oils either as a
Retail Customer or Wholesale Member

When you "click" to buy essential oils you will have the option to sign up as a retail customer or as a wholesale member. Both are excellent choices. Just choose the option that best fits your needs.

Choosing "retail" customer means that your purchases will be at regular retail price. Simply choose the products you want to buy, choose your payment and shipping options, and Young Living will have them shipped right to your door. You can order anytime and as often as you like.

If using a desk or laptop computer, Click Here to become a Retail Customer. 

If using a Mobile Phone or Tablet please call 1- (800) - 371-3515 to become a retail customer and Young Living will quickly assist you.

If you choose to become a wholesale "member" you will save 24% off retail prices when you buy your essential oils. Plus you qualify to receive reduced shipping costs.

Wholesale members can take advantage of additional benefits that are not available as a retail customer, such as special monthly promotions and Young Living's popular Essential Rewards Program. Both of these are totally optional but they do help you save even more.

As a wholesale customer you do not ever have to sell products or meet any monthly minimums. You can simply sign up as a wholesale member to buy essential oils and save 24% on your essential oil purchases. It truly is as simple as that.

You always have the option to earn bonuses and commissions. Young Living does have a very generous compensation plan, if you are interested. It is not required. Many people choose to do this to pay for their products or to earn extra income.

There is a one time membership fee to become a wholesale member. The only other requirement is that to maintain your membership, a minimum of $50.00 must be purchased within the calendar year. Otherwise your membership is simply closed due to inactivity. You can always call and re-activate your membership or if you decide you want to become a wholesale member. 

Benefits of wholesale membership

By joining as a wholesale member to buy essential oils and Young Living products you

  • Save 24% off retail pricing
  • Enjoy reduced shipping costs
  • Opportunity to join the popular Essential Rewards Program
  • Gain access to promotions and specials
  • Gain Access to educational tools and essential oil product education
  • Opportunity to earn bonuses and commissions

Wholesale membership Fee and Starter Kits

To become a wholesale member and save 24% off retail prices there is a one time membership fee.  A starter kit is included in this fee. There are a variety of kits to choose from at different prices.

You can join with just a basic starter kit for $40.00 or you can choose other kits that offer big savings off retail prices.

The Premium Stater Kit shown with the Dew Drop Diffuser

The most popular is The Premium Starter kit. This starter kit was designed to make it easy for you to start using and experiencing essential oils. It is popular with both new and experienced essential oil users because of it's value.

This kit is a big savings over retail cost because it contains 10 (ten) of the most popular and versatile essential oils. As an added bonus, the essential oil blend Stress Away is included. It also comes with an essential oil diffuser, and a variety of samples. Directions for use come with the kit and are also on the bottle labels.

The Premium Starter Kit price is determined by the diffuser you choose. There are four different diffusers you can choose from.

You get the most "bang for your buck" with this kit because you actually get more than what you pay for. It is a big savings over retail because of the amount and variety of essential oils that are included, along with the essential oil diffuser.

If you are new to essential oils "The Premium Starter Kit" is a great way to get started!

The Popular "Essential Rewards" Program

When you buy essential oils and Young Living products through the Essential Rewards program you save money.

You have the opportunity to sign up for the Essential Rewards Program. It is not required, it is an optional choice.

When you buy essential oils and other Young Living Products through this monthly auto-ship program you earn points. You can use your Essential Reward Points to get free products of your choice

These points go into your essential rewards account. Instead of using cash to buy essential oils and products you can use your points. The longer you you are in the Essential Rewards Program the greater the savings. Earn as much as 20% of your order in points to redeem for free products

Earning these points monthly for free products, along with your wholesale discount, equals great savings, and that is not all. You save even more with exclusive monthly promotions for free products that are only available as an essential reward member.

The savings really add up. That is why it is such a popular program.

Your orders are fully customizable. It is very easy to do online or by calling customer service.

You can choose your monthly order date, your products, and you can cancel at anytime

Benefit Highlights

  • Guaranteed monthly shipments of Young Living™ products, $50.00 monthly minimum
  • Fully customizable each month
  • Discounted pricing on exclusive Essential Reward product packages
  • Reduced shipping rates
  • Earn as much as 20% of your order in points to redeem for free products
  • Can cancel at anytime

Earn commissions (optional choice)

As you share Young Living™ products with others, you can earn extra income with bonuses and commissions.

Retail Customer or Wholesale Member?

The choice is what ever fits your personal needs.

If using a Mobile Phone or Tablet please call 1- (800) - 371-3515  to sign up and Young Living Customer Service will quickly assist you.

If using a desk or laptop computer you can Sign Up Here