What is the Vita Flex Technique?

The Vita Flex Technique is a highly effective form of hand and foot massage, designed to deliver the health benefits of essential oils, to specific areas of the body. By using essential oils and this technique together, you can greatly enhance the benefits of both.

How does it work?

When essential oils are applied with pressure to the reflex points, electrical impulses are released. These impulses carry the essential oils up the nerve pathway and into specific areas of the body. This in turn releases energy to open blockages, relieve congestion, increase circulation, and bring in oxygen and nutrients. It also releases tension, anxiety, stress, pain, and other imbalances.

Foot Technique

When anyone in our family has a health issue, we usually start with the vita flex foot technique because it works so well. It is a natural home remedy that is relaxing, nurturing, and loving, that allows us to target specific areas of concern.

This foot technique is effective for adults, as well as children and babies. The pores in the feet are large and absorb the oils easily. The feet are not as sensitive to essential oils, making it an excellent way to apply them to babies and children, those with allergies, and those with sensitive skin.

The children in our family love it. It is a totally non-invasive, safe, and effective way to address health issues.

Vita Flex Foot Chart

The foot chart is a diagram, or map of the foot, that shows the reflex points that correspond to organs, tissues, and systems within the body. This shows you where to apply the pressure so you can direct the essential oils to any area of concern.

Click to open PDF file of Vita Flex Foot Chart.

For example the big toe has reflex points for the brain, pineal, and pituitary glands, the second and third toes have pressure points for the eyes, and the fourth and fifth toes for the ears (very helpful for ear infections). There are reflex points for heart, lungs, spine, liver, bladder, etc, and points for pain relief.

This technique for the foot uses a press, roll, and release motion that covers the area of the vita flex or pressure point. It is repeated three times using 1-3 drops of essential oil.

1. Apply essential oil to the reflex point
2. Place all four fingers flat on the skin
3. Using medium pressure roll up onto the fingertips
4. Continue rolling over to the fingernails
5. Release and move forward about ¼ of an inch
6. Repeat this motion until the reflex point is covered
7. Repeat technique three times

We have experienced wonderful results using this foot technique with essential oils. Colds, flu, congestion, sinusitis, and pain are just a few of the health issues that we have had great results with.I also like to use this as protection during the cold and flu season or during any infectious outbreak.

Vita Flex Hand Technique

We use the VF Hand Technique, but quite honestly, not as often as the foot technique…and only on the adults. It depends on the health issue, usually headaches.

I have found it to be effective when I do use it and it has been scientifically validated to be effective.

I don’t use it on our babies and children as it is too easy for them to accidentally rub the essential oil into their eyes.

For the hand technique I refer to a hand reflexology chart for the reflex points. I apply the essential oil (1-2 drops) to the reflex or pressure point and use the same technique of press, roll, and release…the same as “the above instructions” for the foot.

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